LinkedIn Sales

Scale Up your business with LinkedIn Leads

What exactly is LinkedIn Leads?

We are a Lead generation agency that focuses on maximizing your LinkedIn capabilities.

     1. We help you Build qualified lists of your key decision makers.

     2. We write proven cold outreach messages that actually get responded to.

     3. Send thousands of direct and personal messages to qualified decision makers you approve of.

     4. Generate positive responses straight to your LinkedIn inbox for you to close the deal.


What should I expect for every 1,000 prospect's messages?

On average, clients are seeing between 5-10% of their messages convert into qualified leads.

The total amount of qualified leads depends on the following factors:

     1. How active is your target audience on LinkedIn?

     2. How much can you differentiate yourself from competition?

     3. How professional and persuasive is your LinkedIn profile?

     4. How clear and persuasive is your cold outreach messages?


Can Your Social Media Experts help me optimize my LinkedIn profile?

Yes! If you sign up for LinkedIn Sales, Your Social Media Experts, we will optimize your LinkedIn account headline and make your profile picture recommendations as part of the on boarding process in order to increase your response rates.


Can I send a list of specific individuals to send messages to?

Yes! You can send us the list of your specific prospects and we will execute a very targeted and personal outreach campaign to those individuals for exactly $1 per contact with a min. of 500 prospects ($500 total). This service is mainly used for companies attending an event in the near future to book qualified meetings before the event actually takes place.


Does Your Social Media Experts need access to my LinkedIn account?

Good question! Yes. What makes our lead generation campaigns so successful is that the outreach is coming directly from you or someone else at your company. Adding that extra personal touch will increase your positive response rate drastically.


Is there a risk of my profile being suspended by LinkedIn if I use Your Social Media Experts?

No! Your Social Media Experts always stays under LinkedIn's daily maximum limit and never sends spam messages. YSME has never had a client's profile get suspended by LinkedIn.


Does Your Social Media Experts respond to prospects for me?

No. We have found clients are the best at handling responses. We also do not do closing on sales.


How do I make changes to messaging copy?

For advanced help, just reach out to your account manager and we will strengthen your copy. This is limited to only once per month. 

Does Your Social Media Experts send messages to my current 1st degree network?

No. We exclude all of your current connections prior to launching your LinkedIn outreach campaign. Unless you would like us to message your 1st degree network, then we can.

LET'S GET LinkedIn Sales HAPPY!!